Thursday, December 8, 2011


there's a hole in my chest that i couldn't digest
painful loneliness that needs to be heal in every single day
it's just empty...i felt emptiness every now and then

hole inside me and here i am tonight crying again without much reasons

o.k lets argue now, emotion vs logic

emotion: i miss some people in my lives.
logic: you want it to be this way. be strong. face it and move on!

emotion: i don't get what i want.
logic: what do you want?? what??! you got everything that you need. wanting is not as important as need. wanting is just desire. God given you what you need. please, i beg you.. be grateful!

emotion: i think i'm lost.
logic: read the Quran. you'll never lost. you'll find the answer. the peacefulness that you need. you're not lost. you're just confused and a bit tired. don't be bother by the unnecessary sadness. Kun Fayakun. That's Allah promise.

emotion: there's something missing. something that's not complete. unbearable sadness.
logic: it will go away. i promise. don't ever miss your solat. that's the source of energy. beg to HIM. HE will wrap you in HIS warmth. for lives is short but believe me, you're not alone. you are never alone. so stop crying.  

emotion: i'll be fine.i'm a big girl.
logic: that's better. now post. shut down the laptop and go get some sleep. it's another big day tomorrow. be content. you're beautiful. you're kind. you're gentle. you're strong enough. you're going to get it through. now wipe that tears and say your prayers.

*iman nur aima"

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