Tuesday, March 27, 2012

haih.... pening.... pening lagi tengok orang lain.... kesimpulannya, jangan dok perati lah....

iman nur aima

Friday, March 23, 2012

loneliness is a form of weakness but not admitting it is egoistic

iman nur aima


i'm outstation, and there's so many things to do... but i still got time to complain in my electronic diary (a.k.a blog). written the general things for the sake of let it out from my chest is therapeutic :)) write laahhhh as much as you can to complain...lets the sigh be heard even  there is no one listening.... 

i'm juggling between current work and future work, contacting many people from my own personal phone...which i don't mind actually as long as everything is settle... i get so very nervous if things are not settle according to plan. i hate last minute plan. Ya Allah, mudahkan segalanya.

there's many thing to moan but it will get me nowhere so breath... and convince my little self... let's do this till the end!
from utara to selatan and to utara back... from mid of march to end of april... Ya Allah, pada Mu aku sandarkan segala pengharapan :'))

p/s: and yes.... belum lagi 24 hours outstation...a homey person like me... missing so many things already.... :') can't wait to be back home safely....

iman nur aima

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

the lazy me

i need to ramble:

"im not rajin all the time..there were time i am so malas to the extent that it terrify me. malas and slow poke people annoys me but the lazy me is so terrifying, i can choke myself to death! wake up wake up lazy me...!!"


me the question: why i'm malas completing this task?

me the answer: no passion, no motivation.

me the mover: ok fine. no passion? that's difficult to cure but there's another word that can move you. responsibility.

me who accept: gosshhh...responsibility is such a burden... i know i know...i'm not going to blew this thing up...it starts well, it should ends well.

me the rational: ok then, do it slow but steadily, i trust you. you never giving up and you never ends things badly. you always find away to smooth things down.

the usual me: ok hands down. (pat my back) lets do this (breathing)

p/s please please be rajin.... be good.

iman nur aima

Monday, March 12, 2012

hati yang luluh
seperti debu-debu yang di tiup angin
hilang dalam terang dan kebanyakan

iman nur aima

Sunday, March 4, 2012

dream alive

"do not forget"
working hard keeping my dream alive

iman nur aima

Saturday, March 3, 2012

screw it!

stupid me! stupid me! sigh...
i make the wrong turn...
never make the right choice...
never dare enough to decide...
what the hell am i thinking!?
floating between the cloud.
when will i be strong enough to just face it!
move it!
and screw it!
fck you girl! 

ps: i'm not good with cursing....i really don't want to mean it but im so mad with myself! ugh!

Thursday, March 1, 2012


(letak kepala atas keyborad)

jerit... kenapa? kenapa? kenapa? 
sama ada aku ni tak reti nak putus asa atau just plain idiot!

(kenapa apanya? kenapa baru nak tanya sekarang! kenapa tak haritu....lambat respon betul minah niieee... dah lapuk!)

iman nur aima


weird enough but still.....