Friday, March 23, 2012


i'm outstation, and there's so many things to do... but i still got time to complain in my electronic diary (a.k.a blog). written the general things for the sake of let it out from my chest is therapeutic :)) write laahhhh as much as you can to complain...lets the sigh be heard even  there is no one listening.... 

i'm juggling between current work and future work, contacting many people from my own personal phone...which i don't mind actually as long as everything is settle... i get so very nervous if things are not settle according to plan. i hate last minute plan. Ya Allah, mudahkan segalanya.

there's many thing to moan but it will get me nowhere so breath... and convince my little self... let's do this till the end!
from utara to selatan and to utara back... from mid of march to end of april... Ya Allah, pada Mu aku sandarkan segala pengharapan :'))

p/s: and yes.... belum lagi 24 hours outstation...a homey person like me... missing so many things already.... :') can't wait to be back home safely....

iman nur aima

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