Tuesday, March 13, 2012

the lazy me

i need to ramble:

"im not rajin all the time..there were time i am so malas to the extent that it terrify me. malas and slow poke people annoys me but the lazy me is so terrifying, i can choke myself to death! wake up wake up lazy me...!!"


me the question: why i'm malas completing this task?

me the answer: no passion, no motivation.

me the mover: ok fine. no passion? that's difficult to cure but there's another word that can move you. responsibility.

me who accept: gosshhh...responsibility is such a burden... i know i know...i'm not going to blew this thing up...it starts well, it should ends well.

me the rational: ok then, do it slow but steadily, i trust you. you never giving up and you never ends things badly. you always find away to smooth things down.

the usual me: ok hands down. (pat my back) lets do this (breathing)

p/s please please be rajin.... be good.

iman nur aima

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