Sunday, April 8, 2012

half boiled egg

after a terrible me time and horrible blown up last two days...i still do not want to make any move today (sunday) but that is a luxury that i could not afford. there is laundry that needs to be done and some more work that needs to be taken care of. but anyway the house is clean so that's a relief.

i woke up this morning with uneasiness. cleanse myself. started to make a cup of coffee for my lonely self. i stared the dairy milk tin... and i smile as memories washed upon me. my late grandmother used to make half boiled egg in a dairy milk tin (i actually tried to google any picture of it but no luck). how authentic and how i miss her... life was easy back then for certain things. kids.....

funny... at this moment of impact... i associate my life with half boiled egg... only half. nor not cook... nor cooked.... just half.

p/s talked about half boiled egg... but i haven't taken any breakfast yet... just coffee....

iman nur aima

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