Saturday, June 23, 2012

random pictures

cleaning my lappy...and here's some of pictures that is too good to discard from my own i let my blog keep it for me....

i do not remember what this '3 tiang' is all about... been here few times

i remember this is at the front of the tiang

 the already died plants at office

strolling around USM and i usually captured what ever ahead of me

stress out... i would walk alone at this place.

'the walking lane' 

feeding the "can't remember" it's name creature

btw, it is not a turtle

no idea

'love birds' langkawi

view from pullman

i guess, i captured this because i'm impress with the car at the front


KL from Seri Pacific

i'm a green tea junkie...

taken somewhere in kelantan

banjaran titiwangsa

perfect view!

freshly cut grass...

rainy day in USM

reading book while eating alone

georgetown from bayview window

home cook lunch...superb!

iman nur aima

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