Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Battle To Heaven

Minggu ini tak layan Sigur Ros, its Mono time - infinity likes : The Battle To Heaven...

Mono are a post-rock group from Tokyo, Japan formed in 1999. The band consists of Takaakira Goto (electric guitar), Yoda (electric guitar), Tamaki Kunishi (bass guitar, guitar, piano, glockenspiel), and Yasunori Takada (drum kit, glockenspiel, synthesiser).
The band’s style of instrumental rock music is influenced by the genres of experimental rock and shoegazing, as well as by both the classical and contemporary classical periods of classical music, and also by noise and minimalism.


  1. huuu.. tk pernh dgar pom lagu ni...

    #rock jugak awak. ehehe

  2. hehe...suka instrumental post rock..ada orang yang mempengaruhi :)