Tuesday, June 25, 2013


you are so kind
and i love you.

iman nur aima

Sunday, June 23, 2013

my bro and him

these two guys are super excited

quick update about the two important man in my life >

my younger brother and him is currently busy building up muscle. my bro yang sedang cuti semester every night akan pergi gym and be home 2 hours later. Meanwhile, him doing some rigorous program to build up abs, leg, arm etc etc and for the next few days, mengadu-ngadu sakit badan...hahaha...

I guess, motivasi dorang pun sangat tinggi sebab nak impress the girls of their life...  :)) but we all love you guys no matter what pun kannn  ;) tapi..tapiiii kalau korang looking good mcm chris hemworth pun ok jugak...hahah :P (mati laaahh kalau dorang baca ni...haha).

see, sebelah tangan jer mr.thor ni tolak stroller :P

p/s my simple life have turn out busy lately, adjusting to new environment....will work on some update later :) thanks for reading guys~

iman nur aima

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


mom, younger sis, little bro and little sis balik rumah mengadap smartphone and tablet. i'm soooo out of place...bila nya kita nak bercakap ni...

p/s mentang-mentang la aku tak dak smartphone. 

iman nur aima