Sunday, September 15, 2013

how much is too much

"nanti awak bosan dengan saya.....when you had enough of me, you'll get bored, you'll get annoyed, i'll suffocate you, you will not like me the way you used to like me"

" much is too much if its you"

iman nur aima

her birthday!

 i want to say thank you to

my beautiful family - mum, dad, sis, bro for being the 'perfecto' that keeps me going!
my bf - you're so sweet! you're my best buddy dear! 
close friends! you guys rock...keep me 'chillax' all the time.
my superb cousins! aunts and uncles! love you all.
appa the bear.
buya the cat and allan the tikus in the house.
bubbly bubble please stay young forever! and keep on singing 'bawalah aku pergi'
novels, perfumes...lappy and even my berus gigi! 

"she's  an old lady. 29 going 30"

feeling artis sangat buat speech 'suke' sendiri (^_^) 

alhamdulillah 5-9-13

iman nur aima