Thursday, February 20, 2014

kenapa dengan drama ni?

haih.... just nak mumbling and ramble about the unnecessary things.

why on earth our local drama love to portray devilish kind of heroes/heroin?! aiiiyaaa....make me sigh a lot you know!

ok..contoh - drama nora elena (long time ago if you still remember though... i do not follow this drama but i read the synopsis and many people and many blogs talk about it to the extent it was insane! back to the drama... the hero tu...seth tan...was a bad boy yang dok rogol nora elena and become the hero... aiiiyaaa!!! (0_o)

nora elena

contoh dua - ombak rindu... (this one i watch it online sebab my housemate dah dok buffer the film and penuh semangat mengajak menonton untuk sama-sama feeling the wave of ombak rindu... sort of sweet movie but again... this film portray the devilish side of the hero! lupa apa nama watak aaron aziz tu... but he was a rich guy yang rogol maya karin and kept her as perempuan simpanan though sah sebagai wife... adooiii!! (0_o)

ombak rindu

cinta buat emelda (also long time ago) and again... i sort of  accidentally watch this drama about 5-10 min because my housemate watch it tentatively. normally, when i arrive home from work...i just rest and then i take my shower...solat maghrib and the drama was over..but im curious so during that 10 mins i'll asked my housemate "so what's up with the drama?" unsurprisingly, the hero tuuu ada anak luar nikah with kembar heroin... argghhh.. sort of tangled kind punya cerita...which i never understand... tapi sah-sah hero tu pon devilish at first...(0_o)

cinta buat emelda

and if you still remember - setia hujung nyawa yang siapa girl tu yang comel tuu...nellydia senrose was the heroin right? she was pregnant before getting married. and that drama was sooooooo popular!! it was madness...tapi mesti kah dia kene pregnant before getting married? why why? whyyy?

setia hujung nyawa

latest one was ariana rose, and again...should i mentioned it?! the heroin (nur fathia) was raped before getting married to the hero- keith foo...what more can i sayyyyy (0_o)

ariana rose

omomomo...what on earth just happen to our drama and movie?? haih....takkk pahaammmm though honestly i layan jugak some of the drama :)

and yes, i like fasha sandha when she act - her new drama is Miranda. she was almost! sikit jer lagi nak kena rape by her fiance on the first episode but tak sempat...fuhhhh! we'll see how the drama evolve over time...kalau kena rape jugak...then our local dramas are being curse! hohohoho....


p/s - kalau aku baca english novel yang romantic-romantic tuuu tak dak plak depa dok rape heroin and then berubah jadi manusia suci but why are we? twisted sungguh.

iman nur aima


  1. mentaliti.

    masalahnya ramai yg minat pulak tu.

    1. betul...baca novel siap nangis2...aku ada kawan yang macam tu..weird...

  2. bila aku baca kau nye entry baru aku nampak perkaitannya. Dan aku pun mulalah terfikir macam kau. huwarghhh

    1. kannnn.....mmg fenomena serius okeh...

  3. Atas urusan kerja me and my future wife xberpeluang nk tonton citer ni..even throuh we're met..we have something to talk about rather than asking each other what actually happens on ariana rose last episode darling? Hahaha