Monday, June 13, 2011

After You

A princess goes on a date with a prince
A very gentleman lad he is
He opened the door for the princess
He requested politely
He makes jokes and sincerely, the princess smiles and laughs heartily

Somehow, on this date
The prince talked about the king
How he respect the king
The king has work so hard to ensure the kingdom succeed
As a princess of another kingdom
The princess understands the prince....
Tears lingered in her eyes
No matter which kingdom it is
We are all still the same

And so the evening went unnoticed
Time is just a relative term.... it’s’s’s’s 3
And the princess wishes that they stay together
Like the way it is for eternity

The prince whisper...”after you”
And the princess’s heart melts like a vanilla ice cream under the sun....

::: pena iman nur aima~

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