Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Red Balloon 1956

The Red Balloon 1956 movie PLOT:

The film, which has a music score but almost no dialogue, tells of Pascal (Pascal Lamorisse), who, on his way to school one morning, discovers a large helium-filled red balloon.

As Pascal plays with his new found toy, he realizes the balloon has a mind and will of its own. It begins to follow him wherever he goes, at times floating outside his bedroom window as Pascal's mother will not allow it in their apartment.

The red balloon follows Pascal through the streets of Paris, and the pair draw inquisitive looks from adults and the envy of other children as they wander the streets. At one point the balloon enters Pascal's classroom, causing an uproar from the other students. The noise alerts the principal, who becomes angry with Pascal and locks him up in his office until school is over. At another, Pascal and his balloon encounter a little girl (Sabine Lamorisse) with a blue balloon that also seems to have a mind of its own.

In their wanderings around the neighborhood, Pascal and the balloon encounter a gang of bullies, who are envious of his balloon, and they soon destroy his new friend.
The film ends as the other balloons in Paris come to Pascal's aid and take him on a cluster balloon ride over the city.

For more story and pictures of the movie The Red Balloon - Visit this site. Ghosshh...its really sweet, i'll watch it later. The movie is also available on Youtube.

And i just love this song and this music video... watch it to understand - "the head balloon". i guess Damian Rice's 9 Crimes music video were influence and based on The Red Balloon 1956 movie.

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