Monday, November 28, 2011


I dreamt again last night. This is the fourth times as far as I can remember. The first time I dreamt of climbing a staircase was when I’m 17. 10 years ago.

I noted that each times I dreamt of climbing a staircase… I am trapped in situations such as;

There is a dire need to make a serious, rational decision.
When there are choices to take.
When there are consequences involve.
When I see a blurry path and I’m not sure which crossroad to take…uncertainty.
When there are too many questions and I don’t have the answers.

But last night was the hardest, the scariest and the longest trials and struggles climbing the staircase. There are more barriers. More emotions. More figures. And for the first time, I cried. I cried in my dream with all of my heart. And I hated it - crying in a dream because it’s painful.

Even though it’s just a dream
The pain felt real
The fear felt real
The humiliation felt real
The determination felt real
The eagerness felt real

Fourth dreams and I almost reach it...
Almost is better than nothing at all...

*iman nur aima*