Monday, January 9, 2012

teach myself to be creative

last week, i want to be the girl who plays the guitar... i have put my eye for a dark brown acoustic childishly determine to the extent i annoyed my best friend - she's skeptical about me playing a guitar... :))

this week, i want to be a fashion designer... seriously... which mean this is serious and when i'm serious, i'll do what ever even beyond my power to make it happen! i'll learn.

next week... i have no idea... which is good because i can keep my focus to become a designer :))

p/s are there any massive blocks build up in front of you? no? so nothing will stop you.

*iman nur aima*


  1. i always dream to become a designer when i was young. unfortunately, my parents did stop me and forced me to be in medical field.

    you're lucky if you can decide your own future. chase your dream! :)

    btw, thanks sebab komen tulisan kamek-- hati dipotong dadu kat s7w tu (:

  2. you can be a medic practitioner yg design your own style then :))

    welcome....anyway..ur write up is so nice! honestly...keep it up!