Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Site of Al-Quran Learning - Tardeed

Assalammualaikum W.B.T...

A friend of mine, seorang muallaf, just started learning and reading the Holy Quran this early Ramadhan (Alhamdullilah). She's smart and intelligent person, therefore, i believe she will master the reading anytime soon - InsyaAllah.

And here's another good news! Dalam pencarian dan kesungguhan dia untuk belajar membaca Al-Quran. She discovered a website called - Tardeed; the site of Quran learning by Alnoranih rule. MasyaAllah, this site is excellent! Untuk beginners, untuk anak-anak kecil even untuk yang dah pandai membaca Al-Quran pun boleh manfaatkan this site - i know i am :')

Check out this site and you will be please :) - Tardeed - it offers 16 lessons complete with verbal pronunciation.

How to benefit from the site:

Bulan Ramadhan ni, bila bosan-bosan time lunch hour boleh la stalk this site, right? :)

p/s - thanks kak sharm sebab berkongsi and at last, my doubt has been answered, thank you Allah :')