Tuesday, February 21, 2012


satu tengahari di sebuah kampus.....

an american lad sat alone in a cafeteria facing his laptop with a can of pepsi.
a bunch of his friends enter the cafe and one of the girl made a move and spoke to him.

girl: "hi, did you checked the gym?"
boy: "yeaahh...it's not that great... it's small... i've checked the one outside, it's better"

o.k.... me... sat on the other table, eavesdropped a.k.a terpasang telinga sebab our table is near!
hati berkata-kata....aiiyaa... kami tak pergi gym ka? sebab tu gym tu tak berapa nak maju...
honestly i've never been to the campus gym actually... :p doesn't know how its look like...
small gym but that does not mean yang kami tak excersise! (emo pulakkkk (-_-!)

sekian. itu saje untuk kali ini :P

p/s btw, that young lad is good looking...hunky and clean cut...gataaii ngat aih! :p

that's not me :P

ima nur aima

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