Sunday, February 19, 2012


there were times in a month when girls are most sensitive (or should i say most of the time)
crying without reasons
giggling as if joking with someone, when the truth is nobody there!
sometime she feel just freaking awesome, sometime just plain worse!
they are emotional creature and you do not want to get near them at certain times :))
she might make you feel really bad! 

but that's the thrill!
the best part of girls can be...emotional :)
and that is why guys could not get enough of girls :P
we are freaking awesome little creature!

p/s: i'm merapu-rapu lagi at this hour...

iman nur aima


  1. awakkkk...sya tak faham...awak nk ckp apa nie???..ahahahahaha

  2. kanak-kanak ribena macam awakk memang susah nak faham....hahahah :P