Thursday, September 13, 2012

I’m kinda miss you’s has been awhile... 3 months, 15 days 6 hours and 9 min and 12 sec... (kidding, i’m not that crazy to count). But to tell you the truth; I’m not sure whether I’m glad, sad or just overwhelmed with this kind of progress. It has been awhile I didn’t hear your thoughts. I didn’t hear your voice, can’t remember your face, forgotten what and how the small things can bring a smile on your face. And I definitely don’t know how and what to feel anymore.

I wish... somehow guiltily I am wishing to hear you, right in front of my eye but naahh... This! Here at this moment... This kind of situation is just perfect! Won’t ruin it! Won’t ruin it eventhough I’m kinda miss you... I’m missing you a lot that I never thought I possibly could. By just seeing your name can give me such a pain! How bizarre is this!

But nevermind... nevermind....

With tons of love,

p/s - seronok layan perasaan?....teeehehehehehehe.....boundaries girl!...know your boundaries (-_-!) slap my head pretty hard! errr... (sakitlahhh)..

iman nur aima

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