Monday, December 19, 2011

Mengarut ll

satu... i hate packing stuff. i dont like the feeling of packing stuff and move away. masa study dulu. each and every semester, bila hujung tahun cuti panjang. all students have to pack their stuff, simpan dalam store sebab pelajar jarak jauh akan masuk and utilise the facilities. i usually akan cry bila time packing stuff. when final year arrive... waiting for graduation. i cried so bad sambil packing my clothes, my books, my shoes... my computer... it is more than just packing my stuff, its mean - next chapter.

dua... when i dropped my study... my MA. i have put a lot of thoughts on it. but dropping something that i first initiate was never been easy. its haunted me, even till now. i even started this poor blog back in 2009 as a journal to record my own progress. but then. i look back. all i have wrote in this page are just mere disappointment. as if i have lost my self in time. therefore, i hide all my previous entry. grab my shoulder and shake myself to the extent i need to slap my face hard so i can gain my composure. but i do believe, i'm not a quitter and never been one.

tiga... my pak cik said "to love and win is the best, to love and lost is the next best". thanks pak cik! you're my source of inspiration. by the way. my love life is so funny. you will laugh till you start crying. so i'll just say that... i have love a frog... a prince... an oldman... an idiot... a protector... - i have love the beautiful... the ugly, the rich, the poor... i have love with all of my heart and i'm proud of it.

fourth... sebagai seorang perempuan. saya menyedari satu kelemahan ketara. we are never... never ever been satisfied with anything. dikurnikan sesuatu tapi masih mengimpikan sesuatu yang lebih. contoh, masa rambut panjang, tengok orang rambut pendek... sangat chic, cantik... then rasa yang kita juga boleh carry that style. then, you cut your hair. by the next day, you start crying and regretting cutting your long wavy hair. perempuan... perempuan.

sekian. terima kasih. as-salamualaikum w.b.t.

*iman nur aima*

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